Our engagements

1. Artisanal products

Respect an artisanal or semi-industrial manufacturing process.

2. Reasoned production

Commit to sustainable production (unique pieces, small series, on-demand production, etc.)

3. The environment

Pay particular attention to the environmental issues and impacts of its raw materials.

4. Respect

Respect the social standards in force in the country where the workshop is located as well as in the country of origin of the raw material.

5. A healthy universe

Guarantee a healthy and safe working environment in the workshop for all employees and the artisan designer.

6. Choose your subjects

Choose raw materials for their superior quality and durability.

7. Reduce your impact

Use only recycled and recyclable plastic for the main raw material of the object and its packaging


A universe that reflects 3 traits of our personality.

THE COMMITMENT: At Flowrette we are committed to honoring flowers grown in Europe. We only work with dried and preserved flowers which by definition do not wilt and represent slow consumption.

CREATIVITY: Our team is always looking for new varieties to offer you original compositions that you will only see at Flowrette. The Flowrette universe consists of creations composed according to the seasons and our inspirations. It is also a mixture of soft and natural colors.

LISTENING: Flowrette is a close-knit team on a human scale. Working at Flowrette means being passionate and determined to meet all your decoration desires. We take pleasure in letting ourselves be guided by your ideas to improve and renew our collections

A word from Élodie, the co-founder of Flowrette

At the dawn of my 26th birthday, I became aware of the importance of living from your passion. I also understood that time flew by and that we must not let it take away the dreams nestled in the corner of our heads. My dream? Create and share my creations.
And it was a trip to Bangkok that finally sparked in me the desire to get started and create around this beautiful product that is dried flowers. One sunny morning in Bangkok, I venture into the sprawling Pak Khlong Talat flower market. Here, wholesalers and resellers from all over the capital display flowers of all kinds, all colors, all shapes and with unforgettable scents. A veritable Ali Baba's cave filled with petals. I am in heaven in the middle of these mountains of varieties. Getting lost in the aisles of this market I came across the corner reserved for dried flowers. I then fell for a crown that would bring a bohemian touch to my Parisian interior. Since then, I have created my world around dried flowers and the poetry they emit. Passionate, creative and above all versatile, I offer you creations, handcrafted in Flowrette's Parisian workshop.